Meet The World's First Model To Have Different Colored Eyes

You may be taken aback by something that is unique about this model. Sarah McDaniel is a 20-year-old American model and she’s really one in a kind because of her eyes.

She rose to fame on Instagram where her massive following catapulted her into the mainstream modeling industry, and it is clear to see why.

Though she has been called imperfect’,most agree that she is stunning. And, who really is 'perfect' anyway?

As you can see, McDaniel is more than just a pretty face and a unique pair of eyes. She also has an eye-catching body to match her eyes, making her a great success in her modelling career.

Both eyes are beautiful in their own right, and it is like getting to gaze into the eyes of two different people. Two different beautiful people. Her ‘imperfection’ is her greatest asset.

By most accounts she is smart and funny, and her look is one you likely will not see replicated, maybe ever.

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