Here Are 7 Signs you're in the Right Relationship

If you've been hurt a lot in the past by people you thought would be in your life forever, you can't be blamed for wondering whether your relationship is really as great as you think it is. But if you're agreeing with these seven signs, what you're doing is definitely working.

1. Your partner is your best friend.

It's not all about the physical stuff – though that's definitely an added bonus. You and your guy can't get enough of each other's company. Whenever something happens, your partner is the first person you want to share it with. Also, the teasing is merciless.

2. The differences aren't a deal-breaker.

Nobody would accuse you and your partner of being the same person. You have different beliefs, different personalities, and different ways of viewing the world. Instead of weakening your foundation, the differences only make you more interesting to each other.

3. You're completely yourselves.

The stage of gameplaying is long over. You're not trying to win each other, because you already have. You both feel secure enough in your relationship to be the people you really are – and, the real person is the person both of you are in love with.

4. You don't feel like you have to prove anything.

You know how fantastic your relationship is — there's no question. You could be Instagramming couple selfies and posting loved-up messages on his wall all day, but you don't see the point in trying to prove to other people what you already know to be true.

5. You fight productively.

Neither of you fight for the sake of fighting — you're not into the drama. When you do disagree, the aim of your game isn't to "win." It's to get your point across and try to find common ground. When you fight, both of you try to understand each other, and compromise is the key.

6. You have your own lives.

While you and your partner do share a lot of friends, you also have separate groups. You'll never begrudge each other the opportunity to spend time with the other people in your lives, because you know how important you are to each other. You'll never feel threatened.

7. You make each other better.

Neither of you are trying to change each other, but somehow you have. Both of you each other want to be the best version of yourself for each other. Some of your partner's passions have become yours, and vice versa. You are good for each other – it's that simple!

[From: Cosmopolitan SA]
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