Too Bad! Jilted 68-year wife spill more beans about her 28-year-old husband Guvnor Ace

68-year-old Sweden woman, Monalisa Larsson, who was recently dumped by her husband, 28-year-old Guvnor Ace, has taken to her facebook page  to spill more beans about her musician husband. Monalisa reveals how her husband started a relationship with a woman who is based in Norway. She also spoke about times he spent with the lady in hotels… and how they eventually plotted for him to abandon her and join his new woman in Norway.

 Please don’t mind the English. Read below.  

"Now i also wont to explane how the was hear wen Guvonor Ace com to Sweden ! The first monts was good but one day he went aut with Peng Peng. Peng Peng tell the are going to the shop. The are coming after one auer after some auer i call him this time the whomen who live in Norvegien vas hear With him and Peng Peng.

I try to call him and Peng Peng but nowbady anser. This time he went wit the whomen to a Hotell after 7 auer he come home and he was to drank. Sombady tell me why you let him go with Peng Peng the are going aut with whomen and i was to angry when He come home. This day i start to not trast him. 

He tok in auer in phone and scrim a lot in the phone in the night he was in internet and isorletier him self.
One frend to this whomen call me and tell the was planing to take mony from me this whomen and Guvonor Ace. She was coming and going betwen Norgwe and Uganda.  She is merried with a Norwegien man.

After Guvonor Ace performing in Sweden he tell he lost his mony but i fine a paper he send the mony to Uganda. Some of them after i fine he hide more mony for me he start to lai to me a lot . The problem come more and more becose his plan was to left me and go this whomen in Norwegien even he Tok a lot abaut her to the are ugandier in Sweden.

He dont went becose the problem he olrede have plan with this whomen to left me. The newspeper he have with him he start to thro away when the have made the interjuv abaut oss and are paper
Abaut oss even the married setefeght.  This he made some day before he mowe .

I tell him he can left the jacket when he go back he tell he wont to show the are he wont to have it when he move to norvegien. So he have olrede plan everyting with this whomen.

The day he went he tell me to go to the shopp he tell its better you go and i was sick when i come back from the shopp he have went with his bag now paper now anser in phone.The Ugadier whomen come and take him ofside my home.

He take my key with him after som auers he call me he is going to Norvegien to lock after politik asyl i ask him why you not tell me before you go his anser is i was afred you are going to stopp me i dont wont to go back to Uganda.

So every thing was a plan he even have tell his frends he is going to left me when he come to Sweden.
Manny peopel know it but not me. Nice present i get after have help him with mony for food and rent in one year. And pay his ticket to come hear. So dont trast peopel the really can used you".
Too Bad! Jilted 68-year wife spill more beans about her 28-year-old husband Guvnor Ace Too Bad! Jilted 68-year wife spill more beans about her 28-year-old husband Guvnor Ace Reviewed by Angel M on 06:56 Rating: 5

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