More birth photos: Photographer captures the intimate and raw pictures of pain and joy of women in labour, one of life's truest human experiences

An Australian photographer is attempting to change the perceptions of birth with stunning photography of women in labor. 

Angela Gallo, from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, is a professional birth photographer and 'doula', a non-medical birth attendant. Her photos, which are beautiful and raw, show women and their newborns both during and after birth.
Ms Gallo said that she decided she wanted to be a birth photographer after having her first child, Ruby, and hiring her own doula and birth photographer. 

'Birth, to me, is one of life's truest human experiences,' Ms Gallo said. 'To be able to capture those few moments where a baby can exist between two worlds, and where I can play a part in a room thick with some seriously powerful energy and love - it is literally a dream.'

Now Ms Gallo is crowd funding $25,000 to travel around the world and photograph women's birthing experiences. She wants to turn the photographs and stories into a book, to 'challenge the social and cultural norms of birth.'

See more birth photos below:

'Beautiful': Angela Gallo is a photographer in Victoria, Australia, who documents women whilst they give birth

'Seriously powerful': Ms Gallo says that being in a room where a woman is giving birth allows you to be surrounded by 'energy and love'
'People are bombarded with negative information': Ms Gallo says that women are being scared away from births because of misconceptions

'Transformative experience': The Australian photographer says that birth gives women an opportunity to 'connect deeply' with their bodies

'Taken the humanity out of it': Ms Gallo says that many women are being 'over treated' when it comes to birth
An expectant happy couple

'More positive, empowering, and welcoming': The photographer says that more women are changing the way they give birth to make it a positive experience
Breaking down barriers: Ms Gallo says she wants expectant mothers to see her photos and realise that they can do things differently

Globetrotter: Now Ms Gallo is crowd funding money to travel the world and photograph women in different communities giving birth

'It is literally a dream': Ms Gallo says that to have a job where she can be a part of women's birthing experiences is a 'dream'
'One of life's truest human experiences': Ms Gallo wants to break down incorrect perceptions of birth

Baby on board: Ms Gallo (left) has two children of her own, and said that she decided to become a birth photographer after having her first child


Would you allow birth photographer to take photos of you in labour? 

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