'I'm so embarrassed': Wife of EgyptAir hijacker who seized a passenger jet to fly him to Cyprus says she won't visit him in prison

The EgyptAir plane hijacker's estranged wife is refusing to go and see him in prison after his stunt to visit her in Cyprus yesterday left her utterly embarrassed.

Police say lovesick Seif Eldin Mustafa, who used a fake explosives belt to force the plane to be redirected from Cairo to Cyprus, was hoping to visit his wife and children on the island.

According to a court source, his estranged wife has said: 'I'm so embarrassed by all the publicity and I don't want to see him. 

The source added: 'He asked police this morning to speak to his wife but they told him she is refusing to see him. He was also asking police if he’d be returned to Egypt - he seems afraid of being sent back.

'He appears a bit mentally unstable though not angry. He has four adult children from his Cypriot ex-wife, all live in Cyprus. Says he hasn’t spoken to them since he left Cyprus in 1994.
'His wife is mortified by all the publicity, very upset and embarrassed.'

The source added Mustafa's estranged wife had a child with another man after he left Cyprus, though it wasn't clear if she had ever remarried.

Her comments come as it was revealed he forced the jet's diversion to Cyprus because he was an escaped prisoner whose passport had been blacklisted.
Prosecutor Andreas Lambrianou said Mustafa told police: 'What's someone supposed to do when he hasn't seen his wife and children in 24 years and the Egyptian government won't let him?'

Mustafa, who authorities yesterday labelled 'mentally unstable' and 'stupid', broke out from an Egyptian prison in 2011 during the uprising against then president Hosni Mubarak.

The couple are believed to have had four children together. A fifth child, a young girl, died in a car accident some time ago.
Meanwhile, Mustafa said nothing today during his brief court hearing but gave the peace sign to reporters as he was whisked away in a police car from the courthouse in Larnaca, Cyprus.

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