Check Out 5 Major Facts that Prove Teebillz's Account Wasn't Hacked! Tiwa Savage's Marriage Drama

Nigerian music manager, Tunji Balogun aka Teebillz who is married to songstress, Tiwa Savage shocked the social media yesterday by washing the dirty linens of his home in the full glare of the general public thereby painting the picture that the 3-year old marriage that produced a son is over.
He accused his wife's mother of being fetish, he also accused Tiwa Savage of failing in her homely duties as well as sleeping around with her celebrity colleagues in the music industry.
The drama was quelled temporarily when Teebillz through a new Twitter account later confirmed that his Instagram account was hacked.
His posts concerning his marriage was shortly deleted but they had already gone viral on blogs.
Concerned Nigerians on social media decided to shed more light to the news which are facts why you shouldn't believe the account was hacked.

These are the reasons:

1. A Hacker shouldn't have an indepth knowledge of Teebillz's family to the extent of knowing that his father also had divorce issues making him a product of a broken home:
In his words:

"Lord knows I tried. I have been mentally tortured by my the woman I gave everything to. I’m not perfect but I’m far away from being the best husband. Because when I dint have you paid bills and you took my man hood away. You have thrown my clothes out of the house more than 5 times because of the love I have for you I still take it and because of Jamil. I don’t want to go through divorce like my father that has been Married 4 times. Your mother humiliated so much that I didn't care."

2. A hacker shouldn't know how Tuface's wife, Annie Idibia and his neighbour do bring home-made meal to Tee Billz's house when needed:

"Tosin Yosuf aka Omawunmi‘s husband. I wish I met you earlier when I just moved to Nigeria. You have been a great friend and brother to me in throne month. I should have done this 2weeks a ago but the joy of being around dint let me. You have wife that he not let the music business take the best of her. I know how Mrs Yusuf treats us when we at your house. I feel very at home and praying that I wish my wife can get a life and be like this. All she cares about is next single, her make and hair, her brand and all that BS. Pls tell the world have you asked your husband in the last 3yrs if he has eaten. Thank you to Ani Idibia and Anita my Neigbor that provides home cooked meal for me when I needed. That! Yes you became the bread winner when I decided I’m not in business with you again take everything I just want my wife. Tiwa. You will never have peace except my spirits forgives you. Tell your mother to confess what she mounted in the house for you shine with my star. It’s deeper than what you think."

3. EME boss, Banky-W Wouldn't have posted a comment on Tee Billz' instagram page pleading Tee Billz to give him a call.

4. Teebillz' alleged suicide account on the Lekki Bridge yesterday morning that also recorded an eyewitness that shared the story with Linda Ikeji would'n't come into the picture.

“I thought I was watching a movie” 
Ani told LIB “the man held the railing and tried to jump over it and that was when the yellow man held him and started shouting for help. The two of them nearly fell into the water. I quickly joined the yellow man to pull the guy out and while we were struggling with him, one PSquare twin (Peter Okoye) and Banky W joined us to pull the man out ” Ani said

5. Tiwa Savage's silence:
Tiwa Savage or her Mavin records crew have kept mute about the grave allegations against them despite their names staying up on Twitter and Facebook trends for the wrong reasons.
Disturbed fans also invaded several social media accounts of Tiwa Savage to get response but they were disappointed with her loud silence even in the face of provocative comments.
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