Didi Ukpo, Buhari's Female Fan Changes Tune In One Year, calls Buhari a Cow ( Photos )

The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth is set edge .........who will deliver the children's children....
Our pains our hope 

God Bless Nigeria

Take a look at how Didi UkpoBuhari’s Female Fan got Angry With Him and he called him Cow, the reason is clearly stated in his twitter handle. Read Below.

Nigerians reacts following her tweets which I numbered:

1. When you see one of the Zombies who celebrated Buhari’s election cursing him, then know that his end is near and I saw that today hehehehehehehe

2. Didi Ukpo never see suffer sef!
She will still beg for pure-water in this country!!

3. We told them, but they called us haters, today how far?

4. The metamorphosis of Didi. (or as Okotie Mueyiwa will say The emancipation of Didi)

5. Growing up I think I won a book in a competition. The title was Madness of Didi by Obi B Egbuna. Somehow Ukpo Didi reminds me of the book, not only by the name DIDI but her metamorphosis.
She was enjoying light and power when GEJ just left. We told her and her likes that it was GEJ fixing years of wear and tear of Nigeria and that he needed a few more years to perfect the repairs. We said the power was GEJ’s doing. Her type said it was “body language”. We asked if body language can even put on candle. They argued.

6. Today, lawyer Fashola has ruined the power that GEJ and his ministers like Barth Nnaji had fixed to certain extent. We are back to square one…em actually for three hours we were at square zero.

7. With so many dams built by GEJ and power stations by OBJ and GEJ, it is a shame that Fashola and Buhari are unable to take the baton and run to finish line. Instead they collected the baton and have stood, complaining about how the first and second leg runner ran.

8. Didi, enjoy the change

9. Brainlessness also has its own advantages. It allows you to display maximum level of madness whichever divide you find yourself at any point in time.

10. Didi Ukpo is one such brainless fellow.
11. At first it was: thank God Buhari is now in charge, my ice cream machine is working, hallelujah! GEJ is a gorilla. Then the hardships we warned them about should Buhari ascend to power began in full throttle, and same Didi Ukpo changed tune and crowned it with a description of Buhari as acow.
There are millions of Didi Ukpo out there, and I think the best thing for her to do now is to hide her face in shame as her ilks all over the place have done. Have some self dignity biko!

12. Didi ukpo I don’t know what to tell u but God have vindicated who He has blessed. We are all suffering it now but thank God Nigerians have tested the other side of the coins next election outing we will carefully select our leaders......
Didi Ukpo, Buhari's Female Fan Changes Tune In One Year, calls Buhari a Cow ( Photos ) Didi Ukpo, Buhari's Female Fan Changes Tune In One Year, calls Buhari a Cow ( Photos ) Reviewed by Angel M on 04:45 Rating: 5

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