Photos: Meet the 'unethical' IVF doctor who gave miracle baby to 72 year old Indian new mum

indian woman gives birth at 72 with her baby and husband

Dr Anurag Bishnoi is the controversial IVF doctor who made a dream come true for an Indian woman to give birth at the age of 72.

However, he has been slammed by many over the ethics of allowing a woman in her twilight years become a mother for the first time.

Daljinder Kaur says her family is now complete after two gruelling years of fertility treatment resulted in her having a son, Armaan, last month, with husband Mohinder Singh Gill, 79, making them the world's oldest parents.

But as the elderly parents celebrate the arrival of their 'miracle boy', as the truth sinks in that the new parents are unlikely to live beyond the boy's tenth birthday, one medic accused Dr Bishnoi of giving
IVF treatment 'a bad name'.

Dr Bishnoi, who already had a client over 70 who became a mother, has defended his ethics, saying:

'A woman’s age is no factor for me when I consider helping them to become a mother.'

He told MailOnline:
'I am only concerned with their pre and post pregnancy health. In this part of the world couples without children don't feel part of the society, it has terrible consequences on a couple’s place in their community.
'We have a different family system in India compared to Britain.
‘When I see a woman, who has struggled to become a mother and has been depressed for decades, it gives me ultimate happiness to put a child in her arms. We want to see them happy and their happiness is our happiness. 
'There is no better thing in this world for a couple than having a child and for those who do not have children, it’s the worst kind of punishment. 
'A 60-year-old woman from a rural part of India is as healthy and fit as a 45-year-old woman with an urban lifestyle. And as long as my 60 and 70-year-old patients are fit I’ll continue to help them.' 


New mum Mrs Kaur had her first pregnancy in 46 years of marriage in order to end a legal battle over a £500,000 family inheritance, her husband has claimed.

She became pregnant using donated eggs after trying since the 1970s to become pregnant. She suffered three miscarriages as doctors later discovered her fallopian tubes were blocked.

But her husband, a farmer, has admitted they were so determined to have the baby to lay claim to his late father's estate.

Two years ago they saw an advert for the National Fertility Centre and decided to make an appointment. But after failed attempts at IVF in 2013 and 2014 the couple started to feel deflated before Mrs Kaur conceived with donor sperm and eggs on the third attempt in 2015, 20 years after her menopause.

Mrs Kaur said:

‘The doctor initially refused to take my case considering the possible complications and risks with my age. But I was determined and kept going back until he agreed.
'The desire to have my own child was so intense that I was prepared to take any risk. I always wanted to be a mother like any woman.’

Little Armaan was born by caesarian on April 19, weighing 4lbs 4oz.

Dr Bishnoi, who himself has two children aged six and 14, got into fertility after his parents who were gynaecology doctors.

New mum Mrs Kaur and husband are now back home settling into family life with their son Armaan, which means wish or desire.
Mr Gill said:

‘He is a blessing from Almighty. We named him Armaan because he was our only desire. I feel complete now. 

‘There is no particular age to enjoy motherhood. Almighty has given us Armaan and he will take care of him. I don’t feel our age will impact on his childhood and we’ll have no difficulties raising him.

'We will ensure he goes to a good school and gets the right education. We will support him in every way until whatever age we are alive.'

Source: DailyMail online

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