Revealed: 4 Biggest Blunders That Almost Destroyed Toyin Aimakhu Career

As controversial Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu gets over her messy marriage crash and the debacle of a rebound relationship with former lover, Seun Egbeegbe, she must have asked the question of ‘where did I go wrong’ countless times in her mind. identifies the four major blunders the beautiful role interpreter committed that put her career on the line.

1. Married A Man She didn’t really Know: Toyin’s first mistake was getting married hurriedly to a man she barely knew. Marriage is a lifetime contract and since two persons are expected to cohabit, the least they could do was know each other as well as practicable. Some background check or proper scrutiny of Adeniyi Johnson could have exposed some hints that he was a randy fellow but she was perhaps too carried away by his good looks and lost all inhibitions. She rushed in and out of marriage as a result.

2. Jumped Into Seun Egbeegbe’s Bed Too fast: So she made the first mistake of marrying a man she hardly knew and the marriage crashed. Her next step following the crash was not better as she plunged headlong into a hot romance with Seun Egbeegbe, a ‘former lover’ who was still legally married to another woman. 

The relationship couldn’t have gone anywhere as it was only a rebound affair she rushed into in order to overcome the trauma of her crashed marriage. As was inevitable, all she got from the affair was more trauma, abuse, bad press and threats to her career as Seun warned Nollywood producers against featuring her.

3. Lack of A Matured, Expert Publicist: Toyin must be given due credit for her confidence or bravado during the crisis laden period as she handled herself with grit. She took the entire crisis on the chin while it lasted. However, bravery is not enough in the make believe world. Her outbursts more than often lacked tact or finesse that a calm, experienced head would have helped with as she weathered the storm.

4. Failure to Improve her standards: For all of Toyin Aimakhu’s stunning looks (After Make Up), she doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to being posh or urbane. In other words, she needs to go to a finishing school as it will greatly enhance her and her career. She could easily attain a much higher level professionally by brushing herself up to a realm where the likes of Seun Egbeegbe don’t usually operate.
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