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“Which TV is better to buy?” is the question probably everyone faces at least once in their lives. We cannot choose for you, but we can help to choose.

Buying a TV set may seem an exciting occupation until time to do it comes. The selection of types and models is really huge nowadays, and that is exactly what makes choosing a right thing for you problematic. To start with, you have to choose a type of TV – a 1080p HDTV, Ultra HD or the new emerging OLED technology. The next step is considering the main features – the size, the quality of picture, smart functions and several other key points.

The initial and probably the most important decision here is choosing the screen size. For this, you need to take into consideration not only personal preferences and not even price expectations. It depends, first of all, on the size of the room, where it is going to be placed and the distance from viewers. You can find an easy formula for calculating this on manufacturers’ websites or use one of the numerous online calculators.

When choosing a TV set it is good to decide beforehand which manufacturers you prefer. LG is for sure one of the leaders on the market today. All its models are designed to provide a cinema-quality picture and sound. In addition to the technologic features Lg television is noticeable for, every viewer gets easy access to the desirable content.

What LG can offer today
Full HD and UHD resolution will provide bright colorful sharp picture, where no detail will stay unnoticed. Moreover, the quality of a film, a TV show or whatever you are watching is automatically upscaled in order to be as close to your TV’s features as it is possible.

Thanks to IPS technology, the view remains crystal-clear regardless of what place in the room you choose.
The latest Smart Technologies allow to browse different apps, switch between installed apps and programs, and to connect to external devices.

3D viewing is meant for watching contend created initially in 3D. However, the function of 2D-to-3D conversion with one single touch allows to dive into the virtual world and enjoy every movie to the fullest extent.

Built-in sound system with multi-channel speakers provides surround-sound and helps to get closer to the cinema-like experience.

In addition to everything mentioned above, we cannot forget about the design. Slim and sleek models are not only easy to find place for and install, but pleasant to look at. They don’t require much space and can be easily mounted on a wall with the help of just several accessories. It will definitely add some exclusivity to your room’s interior, combining comfort with style.

What you need to know about TV models
To make the right choice, LG Company offers to answer several questions about your expectations.
It can offer 4 categories of devices in terms of size: 32", 32" - 55", 55"-65", and 65"+ models. Don’t forget that size here is measured diagonally.
There are 6 types of displays available:
     LED TVs offering superior picture quality thanks to LED backlighting.
     Smart TVs, able to bring the best things from the Internet to your TV. You can browse the web or stream videos, for instance, from Netflix and YouTube.
     4K Ultra HD TVs provide an entirely new picture quality with 8 million pixels. Now you get only lifelike pictures.
     OLED TVs (short for organic light-emitting diode) are ready to dial with individual color standards for every user. Today, it is an exclusive LG technology.
     3D TVs and Curved TVs will make every movie maximum close to cinema screening.

LCD and OLED models differ by quality in display specifications (both internal processing capacities and finer display rendering features), while HD and UHD models have different resolution features (1920x1080 and 3840x2160, which is roughly 2 million and 8 million pixels).

Speaking about prices, they range from $169 to $99,999. It is better to monitor them on manufacturer’s website. New models appear regularly, and as all cutting-edge technological developments the cost for these is higher. Meanwhile, the wide variety of older but still great models becomes affordable.

Where to buy

You can find models designed by LG in a diversity of places. Every store specializing in technologies can offer you different solutions. However, if you are looking for the best price-quality trade-off, check out Jiji.ng. It is the biggest and the most convenient marketplace, where buying a TV will be much easier. You can open Electronics category or type “LG TVs” in a search line and get the list of offers or click on link Lg TV’s and see prices. Apply filters or click on suggested tags to specify the search. Compare several ads and choose what seems the most appropriate. To buy an item, contact a seller via provided phone. Each seller is verified and all contacts are valid. One of the main Jiji’s advantages is that here you can find both new and used TV sets.

Getting a great TV shouldn’t be your dream. It is too simple to make it a dream. Just open Jiji.ng and get one.
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  1. Wow ! LG & their breath-taking technology. I can't wait to go for one of the one I can afford.

  2. Godwin @ diz latest LG technology.I will b among d first group to buy one .


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