Hilarious memes flooded the internet after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battled it out during the first presidential debate

A wash of hilarious memes have flooded social media after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battled it out during the first presidential debate on Monday night.

Clinton called Trump a racist and a sexist during the exchange at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York, six weeks before Election Day.

See more memes below;

One meme referenced the controversy Hillary Clinton sparked when she said half of Trump's supporters were 'deplorables' 

A popular meme involved the famous picture of Michael Jordan crying overlaid onto a map of the United States, highlighting the despair of many around the country

The Democratic candidate even got in on the fun herself - posting a gif that showed her smiling while Trump raged 

Much of the social media sentiment implied Clinton had beaten Trump during the fierce debate 

A meme showed comedian Steve Harvey laughing and then looking anxious, alongside the quote 'then you remember that one of these two is our next president' 

A mock of a phone conversation showed Clinton calling up Obama in glee 

Debate viewers mocked how Clinton and Trump don't seem to be able to agree on a single thing 

A social media user from Portland, Oregon, said they were 'slightly amused with a touch of high blood pressure' after watching the debate 

Lawrence Police for joked that 'being mad at a presidential candidate in a debate is NOT a reason to call 911'

The internal monologue of both candidates could have played out like this, according to one social media user 

House of Cards actor Rachel Brosnahan posted this gif of a tense Kermit the frog bitting his hand

Kevin Wood tweeted a gif of Macaulay Culkin splashing some cash in a jibe at Clinton

One Twitter user asked Trump to probe Clinton on when she'll start 'respecting the law'

Trump also stole the social media spotlight for what Twitter users branded a #Trumpsniffle

Lauren MacQueen posted an image from the hit Netflix show Narcos saying 'that one time a rich lunatic thought he would be President'

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders tweeted this photo of himself watching the debate 

Twitter users reacted to Bernie Sanders tweet with sympathy saying it was the 'saddest thing of 2016'

Twitter user Martijn Hilton shared a meme of Clinton with complicated mathematical equations and Trump with a women's swimsuit and a frog

One picture showed Barack Obama on the phone and imagined him saying 'Yo, ya'll watching this s***'

'I don't have to spend money to make Donald Trump look Dumb,' one meme said in reference to one of the arguments during the debate 

Social media users said the debate made Barack Obama look 'real good' 

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