Law of Karma! Nemesis caught up with mother-in-law who maltreated barren daughter-in-law..See what happened

Tinsel actress, Abiola Williams narrates how nemesis caught up with mother-in-law who maltreated barren daughter-in-law.

She wrote:

"My brother told me a story about his former colleague at work. She had been married for about six years without children and her mother-in-law gave her continuous hell. Eventually she had three children one after the other. Then her sister-in-law got married and after years of marriage hadn't any child and her own mother-in-law gave her lake of fire with brimstone inclusive. So my brother's former colleague's mother-in-law came to ask her to please take her own daughter to her doctor. I say hen God is not mocked seee, whatever we are in a habit of sowing we shall be in the habit of reaping. its a spiritual law lets watch the seeds we sow. They germinate."
In the above narration, Abiola Segun-Williams, who plays Titi in Tinsel, told a story of how  nemesis caught up with a mother-in-law who gave his daughter-in-law hell for not giving her son a child. Fate played out itself as her own daughter who is now married and yet to give birth is suffering the same fate from her mother-in-law. Did I hear you say karma. 

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