Meet Seun and Bayo, The Two Nigerian Cross-dressers Who Came Out Of The Closet to Embrace Themselves

In a new lifestyle that is currently trending in the commercial city of Lagos, Nigerian cross dressers have come out to embrace their true selves publicly on social media. 

According to a post on an Instagram page, "Diary of a Naija Girl", Nigerian cross dresser identified as Seun "The Diva" came out publicly to embrace his true self saying Bobrisky (another celeb gay man) who calls himself Nigerian male Barbie inspired his decision. See photo of Seun 'The Diva' below:

In a similar story, another Nigerian cross dresser identified as Bayo "Funkichacha", has also come out of the closet and identified himself on social media. 

"I Can't apologise for the person I choose to be..... I watch friends take a walk and doors bang shut in my face cause I am not the certain "fixed" being people expect me to be...#CrazyOutift #Ye m weird buh is it ya consign? # Baba if u want to be weird cum nd have it# hahahahahahah life z a biatch tho# .......Thank you I know m cute!!!!!!!," he wrote on Instagram.  "To Be Yourself In a World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Accomplishment....(AmHotterDanYaGyalDem)okbye!. 

See more photos of Bayo Funkichaha below;

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