Special thanks to our blog readers who supported us when our account was suspended

Dear Milysblog Readers,

Thank you all for your support when our account was suspended due to technical issues. We deeply appreciate readers who took their special time to send mails and also call us on phone. We feel so motivated by this kind gesture. Thank you so much!

We also wish to express gratitude to Tunde Sanusi and Muyiwa Elegbede for your relentless efforts to see that this blog is up and running again. We are so grateful for your enormous support. 

We must let you know that we feel so motivated and inspired by you all.

Thank you so much for your kind support.  

Hugs and love from us. 


  1. Yes oh.thank you.welcome back

    1. Thanks Ucee dear. We will soon reward our ardent readers and you are one of them. Thanks you so much.


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Lots of love........

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