The Doctor Said there Was Still Another Baby"- Woman Who Thought She Was Pregnant With One Baby Shocked to be Delivered of Triplets

The woman identified as Prudence Khumalo was looking forward to giving birth to her bundle of joy, but little did she know that a big shock awaited her in the delivery room.

According to Daily SUN SA, after about an hour in labour, out came the baby – then another ... and another!

With tears of joy and exhaustion in her eyes, Prudence felt blessed for having given birth to twins.

“But then the doctor told me that it was not over yet,” she said. “He still wanted me to push. He said there was still another baby. I could not believe it. I had been carrying triplets and I did not even know.”

Prudence said she did not attend prenatal care at the clinic as regularly as she should, so she did not know she was carrying triplets. She only started attending when she was eight months pregnant. She was sent to Tonga Hospital for a thorough check-up on Tuesday, and that was when her waters broke.

Her husband Edward Khoza, 37, said they had prepared for one baby, and had already decided on names if it was a boy or girl. But now they have three. The girls are named Minenhle, Langelihle and Amahle.

The blessing, however, comes with its own set of problems.

The couple are both unemployed, and say it is a daily struggle to feed themselves and their other two kids.

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