Would You Marry Someone Who Once Had a Blood Covenant with an Ex Lover? - Nollywood Stars Speak Out

If you’re in the middle of a serious relationship and discover your partner once had a blood covenant with an erstwhile lover, would you go ahead and marry that person?
Below are the reactions of some of Nigerian celebrities;
Yes I can — Nazareth Bako Jesse, Actress 
Yes I can for so many reasons. Marrying someone who once had a blood covenant is like marrying a married man who already had a commitment before. Commitments can be broken especially if the two agree or when one dies, so a blood covenant doesn’t make one a slave forever especially if you have this understanding. I can marry someone who once had a blood covenant if that person has settled the differences between him and his former partner. And also if the partner is dead or the covenant has been broken.  If not, NO! 
No, I don’t want to end up a widow — Doris Simeon, Actress 
I don’t think I can marry someone who once had a blood covenant with someone else. The reason I wouldn’t do that is because the covenant will fight back at him and I do not want to end up a widow.
I don’t want to deal with spiritual issues later — Daniel Lloyd, Actor  
No, because blood covenant is deep and spiritual. Life begins with blood formation, so having a blood covenant with someone else means that you already have a life with that person. Marrying such a person is like getting married to a person’s body while their soul is with someone else. I don’t want to deal with spiritual issues afterwards because they’ll definitely come. Life itself is spiritual. 
I don’t believe in things like that but — Seyi Hunter, Actress 
I can marry someone who once had a blood covenant with another woman if I’m in love with him. Besides, I don’t believe in things like that. But if I feel it’s going to affect us in the future or hinder anything, I’ll go on my knees in prayers and fasting to God, because prayer answers all. 
Yes, I do not believe in it — Collette Orji, Actress 
Yes, I would because I don’t exactly believe in it. I think adults should be able to change their minds, decisions and choices in things as important as marriage. If it’s a cause for concern, you simply ask them to denounce the previous pact. We make laws and decrees and void them. God even gave us the power to say things, cancel them and make new pronouncements. We can make and unmake any ill pronouncements. We shouldn’t be bound by things we can control. 
I can’t, it’s too deep — Dan D’Humorous, Comedian 
Absolutely not oo, I can’t do that. Blood covenant is very deep and can lead to problems later. Besides, who does that in this time and age. This is the 21st century. 
I will not get married to him if — Nanou Binga, Beauty Queen 
If I happen to discover that before a serious commitment, I won’t get married to that person. If I didn’t know about it, then it’s a different thing. A serious girl has to pray for the qualities she wants in her man and God definitely answers the prayers of his children.
Source: Vanguard

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