8 Unfortunate Ways Women Try to Attract Men These Days

Finding a man should not be a competition with other women. If you and a guy are meant to be, he’ll notice you without any antics. Unfortunately, some women have yet to realize that and do these unfortunate things to attract a guy.
1. Slut Shame Other Women
If a man mentions another woman, you go on a rant about how trashy she is, the vulgar clothes she wears, all the people she’s slept with and in general what a “slut” she is.
The Problem With That
Making another woman out to be a slut doesn’t make you look pure, or sweet or good. In fact, even if you are those things, you immediately look the opposite by talking about another woman this way.
2. Make Fun Of Women For Being “Girly”
Trying to prove you’re a “chill” “low maintenance” “guy’s girl,” you taunt the women who walk in the bar wearing 6-inch heels and tons of makeup, so that the guy you’re trying to impress can hear you.
The Problem With That
If you really are low maintenance, your character will speak for itself. But berating super feminine women isn’t attractive because guess what? Guys like those women! They like a good balance of “chill” and “girly.” And by making fun of feminine women, you just told a guy that there is nothing feminine about you.
3. Throw Back A Dozen Shots
The guys at the bar are goading women to take shots with them. Most women stop at a shot or two, or after two glasses of wine, but you throw back a dozen shots with the guys to show you can hang.
The Problem With That
Here’s a secret: the guys don’t want you to say yes to all of those shots. If you do, sure—you’re fun for that night. But they long-term respect the women who stands by their own limit.
4. Be Extremely Sexual In Conversation/Make Sexual Innuendos
You make tons of sexual innuendos and in general try to make it clear you love sex and are great at it.
The Problem With That
If the only thing you tell a guy about yourself is how great you are at sex, sex is all he’ll want you for. You don’t have to tell a guy you’re good at sex in order for him to want to have sex with you: they’re men! They want to have sex with you either way. But if you talk about something other than sex, they also might want to date you.
5. Pretend to Be A Lesbian
You make tons of sly comments insinuating that you and your BFF hookup, or run around your apartment naked, to get the attention of guys.
The Problem With That
Sure, most guys fantasize about hooking up with a lesbian once or twice. But that’s it. At the end of the day, a guy doesn’t want to worry that his girlfriend is cheating on him with her friends.
6. Challenge A Man’s Masculinity
You emasculate guys, you point out things that are girly about them, you make them believe you see them as total feminine wusses. You do this so the guy wants to prove to you that he’s manly, by asking you out, kissing you, asking for your number or whatever.
The Problem With That
You scare away shy guys, annoy respectable guys who are secure in themselves, and attract super agro guys with anger and insecurity problems.
7. Keep Around Male Friends And Flirt With Them
To make potential suitors see how much guys find you attractive, you run around with a posy of male friends who you’re always kissing on the cheek, or whose laps you’re always sitting on.
The Problem With That
No guy wants to approach that! He knows the moment he talks to you, your dozen male friends are picking him apart, and will give you all their notes the moment he walks away.
8. Allow Yourself to Be Sexualized
When men make jokes that actually make you uncomfortable and make you feel objectified, you throw your head back and laugh and go along with it to show you’re cool.
The Problem With That
Just like guys don’t actually want you to accept the tenth shot, they don’t actually want you to let them objectify you. It’s a test: the woman who puts up a fight is the woman the guy might actually want to date.
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