Abdulmumin Jibrin Says Goodbye to National Assembly, Resumes Work at His New Office Following His Suspension by the House.

Suspended member of the House of Representatives, Abdulmumin Jibrin has resumed work at Green Forest LTD, a company he formed in 2003.
Following his suspension from the House after he refused to appear before a committee set up by the lawmakers over his alleged indictment of Speaker Yakubu Dogara whom he has consistently alleged padded the 2016 budget. Jibrin has now gone back to his office in the company before he got elected to serve in the House.
Writing about his happiness at returning to his former office, he wrote on Facebook: "This morning I sat on the same seat I left 5 years ago to join the House - my peaceful office at Green Forest LTD -i t looks beautiful than the "sealed" life will always go on...Masha Allah, Praise be to God!"
Jibrin is gearing up to reveal more startling revelations of fraud and corruption taking place in the House. He had promised to expose all the antics used by dubious politicians, especially those in the House, to rob poor Nigerians.
He recently revealed that most members of the House pocket at least N10 - N20 million monthly. Jibrin had also accused Dogara and some principal officers of the House of being corrupt, after he alleged they had pocketed millions as constitutency projects. 
Because of his boldness and refusal to play to the rules of the House which he said would lead to a cover up of the corruption allegations he alleged would soon be revealed, he was suspended by the House for breach of their rules.

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