Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage? Popular Nigerian Celebrities Share Their Thoughts

Popular Nigerian celebrities have shared their candid thoughts on the issue of age differences in marriage. Read their interesting views below;

Age is just a number – Angela Okorie, Actress
It doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. All that matters is that they love each other. A lady can marry a man who’s older or younger than her. A man can also marry a woman who’s older or younger than him. What really matters is that they love and understand each other.   
Men ought to be older – Sandra Ifudu, Singer 
When it comes to marriage and relationships, age is no longer a number! The men are supposed to be older than the women. I’m sure that’s how God wants it, because he created Adam before Eve. It’s really awkward for a woman to marry a younger guy. Personally, my husband should be way older than I am. That way, I will love and respect him more.   
Look before you leap – Imelda J, Singer 
Even if the man has to be younger, the difference doesn’t have to be much, say about 2-3 years younger than the woman. And 5-7 years difference when the woman is younger than the man. For security reasons and a long lasting marriage, the gap shouldn’t be too much between the man and the woman. It’s always better for the man to be older than the woman, because if the reverse is the case, a lot of factors might not be able to stand the test of time. They might say love is all that matters, but when reality hits, everything will easily fall apart. We should ‘shine our eyes very well’.   

Follow your heart and pray! – Tope Tedela, Actor 
It’s a matter of perspective. It’s a case of what rocks your boat. I’ve seen marriages where the man is older and the marriage is supposedly in shambles.. On the other hand, I’ve also seen marriages where the woman is older than the man and they are seemingly happy. So, I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rule. Follow your heart and pray!   

It matters a lot – Yetunde Bakare, Actress 

Age difference matters a lot because Nigerian men are complicated. Even when he’s older than you and you happe to be more successful, there’ll be issues of ego and respect. He’ll complain about unnecessary things. If there’s a misunderstanding, he’ll say it’s because you’re older than him. He’ll always remind you that he’s the man and the lady will always feel awkward. Even if he’s understanding, what about the people around him? That’s why these days, a lot of girls prefer to reduce their age in order to find their match. Some guys will even take advantage when they know you’re older. They’ll exploit the lady because they believe she’s desperate for marraige. So in most cases, it doesn’t work in Nigeria.
Source: Vanguard

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