Female Cancer Survivor, Erica Hart Boldly Pose Topless to Encourage Breast Cancer Victims (Photos)

African-American proud cancer survivor, Ericka Hart has yet again posed topless in an adorable photo with the hopes of boosting the morale of women suffering from breast cancer across the world.

She shared the above photo on her Insragram page and wrote;

"Lately, I have been reading and discovering what community means to me. The Ubuntu English translation, I am because we are, resonates with me as I don't win unless my community wins. I am not seen unless my community is seen. @islandboiphotography and @moshoodat are the embodiment of community as they center black and brown models in all of their work. 

"I am honored to have worked with them. Thank you not only for a breathtaking photo, but for showing me community.❤️ #blackartist #breastcancer #awareness #nyc #checkyourbreasts #ubuntu."

See more of her new photos and inspiring words below;

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