Inspiring! Fire Burn Survivor Whose Baby Bump Photos Went Viral Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy.

Remember the pretty Lady and mom by name Andrea Grant who her lovely baby bump pictures last month to inspire other burnt survivors who might be thinking they got no hope or no chances of living again. Few days ago she welcomed a bouncing baby boy by name Jackson. She shared her birth story on her Instagram and also cute photos of the newborn.

She wrote:

” when they tell you that you might be ready to push and you have not gotten your epidural …. I wanted my epidural from jump BUT being that I was induced I had to endure contractions from the induction medicine before I received the epidural to make sure I was in active labor ….while having consistent contractions 1 to 2 mins apart MY WATER BROKE …
 After that I felt like I had to push so the nurse checked me and told me it MIGHT “here my mommy on the video saying MIGHT MIGHT ” might be ready to have him NOOOOOO MAM YOU BETTER GO GET MY EPIDURAL my doctor came in I was only 5 cm but his head was showing and i would be jumping to 10 FAST anyway I was able to get my epidural ”
”I am a advocate for burn survivors I help with the road to recovery and showing that scars do heal and Life is worth living with scars I post GRAPHIC photos of my road to recovery if you can’t stomach these photos please don’t follow my page .

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