Meet the first mother-daughter pair to compete in Brazil's Miss BumBum competition

Meet the mother and daughter competing in Brazil's Miss Bumbum competition. Bruna Ferraz, 35, and her daughter Eduarda Morais, 19, both admit they are desperate to be crowned the country's queen of shapely bottoms. 

Speaking on their decision to participate, both women said;
'Winning means everything to me, it will change me life forever. But I know it means everything to my mum too,' said Eduarda.
'Now we're both in the final it will all depend on who's got the most beautiful bottom. I admire my mum's bottom. I hope mine will be as firm as hers when I'm her age.'

The 35-year-old mother admits that:
"Being in the contest with my daughter is great because we both encourage each other. But of course only one woman is going to win, and we both want to be her".

See more of their photos below;

Sizing up the competition: With both women neck-and-neck in the race following a public vote, both said they will do anything to win with just two weeks to go until the grand final
The competition: Eduarda believes that her mother, 16 years her senior, can go on to win the competition and promises that if she does: 'I'll be really happy for her, honestly.' Pictured: The 27 original Miss Bumbum competitors

Eduarda (right) says she and her mother work out, eat and keep a very close eye on each other, adding:  'We are constantly checking each other's bottoms to make sure they are in tip top shape'

 Over 16million public votes were cast last month to decide who would progress to the Miss Bumbum finals. Pictured: Eduarda, left, posing for a promo shot with her mother Bruna

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