Ogbuji Grace Amarachi Lesbian Sex Video: After Chidinma, Another Beautiful Celebrity Sex Tape to Drop this Week....See Shocking Details

The issue of blackmail in Nigeria has gathered momentum as Chidinma Okeke - former Miss Anambra, goes underfire with two solid lesbian sex videos being released.
As Nigerians have been informed about the possible release of a third sex tape about the embattled Chidinma, Nigerian producer and actress, Ogbuji Grace Amarachi may be gracing the Nigerian media space with another explosive adult content recorded years ago.
One Ominaho is currently threatening to release her naked photos and sex video if some conditions are not met. Grace, has swiftly exposed her blackmailer on social media as part of damage control.
Read her disclosure which was made on Instagram yesterday:

'Part One 

We all have done  foolish things one time or the other in our lives...Have actually done lot of foolish things,yeah lot of stupid things indeed...Way back 2010/2011, was yet to gain admission,done with secondary education,somehow I got myself entangled in a lesbo relationship not because I was a lesbian ,out of curiosity after reading and seeing pornographic videos/images of girls making out, I just had this deep urge to have a feel of what it's like.‎
Well my foolish dream came true when somehow I actually got entangled in what I had always been curious to have. Just this once in my life, a video was made, well it felt good and seem sane to me then. Sometime in late August/mid September this year ominiaho whom I actually met through the babe who did the video,he did threatened  to release the video online, way back 6years ago he did ask me out which I never did accepted and I never will,i simply wasn't interested. All of a sudden he popped up this year,calling,asking to see me,saying he's got a job for me and all that, asking to see me, fixed a date and all that which I didn't turn up to anyways, when he saw his plans to have me wasn't working he decided to threaten me with the video which happened like way back  6years ago. How he got the video I dont know? If he actually do have the video I don't know either!

I spoke to Drea who made the video today on my way back from church, just to clear the air even tho we haven't seen nor communicate in like years and she was shocked stating she doesn't have the video,she deleted it a long time ago and she's sure @ominiaho doesn't have the video,but still i'll drop this here.‎ Am I scared? YES! Did I make a mistake? YES,i did made a nasty mistake!! Have I moved on,YES I have!!!...I don't want to be another Chidinma Okeke,seeing chidinma okeke case I have no other choice but to voice out now. Am not going to lie or claim it was photoshopped, I did something stupid and am way over it and have moved on,but just incase one day something pops up,its all in the past!'

'Part Two

Have moved away from there,am in my future, a better place,working towards been a better person and making sure all my dreams/visions/ambitions become a reality and till I die i'll keep appreciating God grace who brought me out of Darkness into his marvelous light, i'll continously appreciate praisefowowe whom God used as an instrument to bring me out of my mess unto God marvelous light.

Been celibate for a long time,I was so close to having sex two weeks ago but when I remember how far have come,how far It took me to build my relationship with God,i don't want to ruin/destroy what have buildt with God by engaging in premarital sex and thus starting afresh to build my relationship with him (God) again. I know as Christians when you fall you get back up again and keep moving...I really don't wanna fall nor fail God.

Ominiaho you want to release the video online,go ahead! Now am at peace. Glory‎.
See screenshots from her Instagram page and a whatsapp chat below:
The blackmailer, Ominaho
Ogbuji Grace Amarachi Lesbian Sex Video: After Chidinma, Another Beautiful Celebrity Sex Tape to Drop this Week....See Shocking Details Ogbuji Grace Amarachi Lesbian Sex Video: After Chidinma, Another Beautiful Celebrity Sex Tape to Drop this Week....See Shocking Details Reviewed by Angel M on 02:24 Rating: 5

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