One of the survivors of May 30, 2016 Biafran protests shares his near death experience (Warning graphic)

May 30th was set aside in the Eastern part of Nigeria to honour the spirits of Biafran Heroes and Heroines who died during the civil war but the event turned a bloody hunt when Nigerian soldiers opened fire on the protesters killing scores and wounding many.

One of the survivor of the massacre shared shocking experience and injuries on his facebook page. See more photos (warning Graphic);

"There was a time, it seems all hopes have been lost, some thought am gonna lose one of my legs. my day was turning dark. Some thought I was gonna give up. Many keep blaming me saying we warned you but you couldn't listen, at times I feel the hit, it looks like finally my enemies will gonna laugh at me, I never bothered to ask ChukwuOkikeAbiama why because I know He have the final say.... Whenever I woke up in the morning I remember those that died in our struggle for freedom, I remember how I managed to escape on that May 30th, then I give thanks to #ChiukwuOkikeAbiama. I promise to myself to keep hold of my faith and believe that I must not give up and am gonna be fine again. Since that minute I was shot by the zoo soldiers till now I have been in severe pain. But I count myself lucky because am still alive. What makes me more happy and strong is that IPOB WORLDWIDE have never failed me in all this my critical time. See me today still waxing stronger. The wounds are healing mysteriously because ChukwuOkikeAbiama is in charge, remaining the broken bone which I believe will not take longer time to heal as soon as the wounds are completely healed. My message to you all out there is to always keep hold to what you believe in. Never give up no matter what.#Biafra cannot come without these price we all have been paying in one way or another. We must continue. No Going BACK. Biafra must come under our watch.
#freeNnamdiKanu #free_all_illegally_detained_IPOB #freeBiafra"


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