Pastor Joshua Iginla Gives N5M To A Lady Bathed With Acid By Her Fiance (Pics)

Bro Joshua Iginla has given N5 million to Jamila Yusuf, 26, who was allegedly bathed with acid by her fiance.

He also gave a brand new Peugeot 301 to a Nollywood actor, Mr Ayo Emmanuel, popularly known as “Nollywood Policeman”.

This presentation was made to the beneficiaries at the Church service. Bro Joshua Iginla also pledged to sponsor the reconstructive surgery for the acid victim in Indian hospital.

The Man of God, Bro Joshua Iginla explained that the total sum required for the surgery was about N10 million and encouraged the people of God be a part of the life saving process of the victim.

Bro Joshua Iginla has however, pledged to complete the money by next week with another N5 million if the balance was not raised by then.

Bro Joshua Iginla who has never seen the said victim before said...
“I am not doing this for her because she is a member of my Church; I don’t know her from anywhere; she’s even a Muslim by religion!

“We are only doing this to preach love and not to convert her to Christianity, after her surgery in India, if she decides to remain a Muslim so be it” he said.

The man of God promised to sponsor the trip, alongside two other persons that will accompany to India with feeding and hotel bills as required.

The kind pastor

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