Popular Nigerian Cartoonist Hits Buhari Hard with Another Mocking Meme (Photo)

The hilarious meme above attempts to satirize President Muhammadu Buhari's assumed lackluster approach to the Nigerian economy which is currently in coma as the masses he was elected to protect have been exposed to intense hardship.
President Buhari has maintained a single Economic Adviser named Dr. Adeyemi Dipeolu in the face of the ravaging recession while he maintains a robust size of media aides numbering 5.
As the economic condition of Nigerians worsens with the downturn, it should be noted that the President's media team has failed to launder his image as expected with controversies over plagiarized speeches and wrong figures especially the Independence Day goof on investment by a multinational company - General Electric.

Image Credit: Mike Asukwo - BusinessDay cartoonist

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