Presidency Reacts To The Media Outrage Over ''Aisha Belongs To The Kitchen ''

Media outrage was sparked all over Social media over President Muhammadu Buhari 's statement that Aisha his wife belongs to the kitchen and bedroom .

The presidential spokesman  Garba Shehu, , says the president respects women, speaking on the appointment of Kemi Adeosun, finance minister, as an example of that.
 Garba Shehu Tweeted;
 "My friends, can't a leader get a sense humour anymore? Mr. President laughed before that statement was made."He was obviously throwing a banter.
"Mr. President respects the place of women in our society. He believes in the abilities of women.
"Politics sometimes should be spiced with humour.  Those of us around him know there is never a dull moment with him.One of Nigeria's most sensitive office today is headed by a woman, Mrs. Adeosun. This is an evidence of the confidence he reposes on women."

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