See the Brand New 'Made in Nigeria' SUV Innoson Motors Everyone is Talking About

Nigeria's pride in the vehicle manufacturing industry, Innoson Motors has launched its robust IVM G6 SUV and Nigerians are really tripping for it. 
The manufacturing company got more than they bargained as Nigerians and Africans came out en mass to lift the company's spirit with commendable and interesting comments. The company shared a photo of the brand new car on its Facebook page. 
Nigerians have advised the government to immediately put structures in the ministries to mandate the use of 'made in Nigeria' cars by Innoson so as not just to boast the economy but also improve our own products.
However, the company has been advised to improve its social media presence and make available the prices of the cars on its websites to guide interested people who might want to patronize them have these relevant information.


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