Thought for the day: The winning one was YOU.

Food for thought: 

Biology says that after sexual intercourse that millions of sperm are deposited by the man, they all began to swim within the track to meet with the ovum. 

Of this millions only 200 - 300 actually reach the site(others get tired on the way because it is not a small race) And of those that managed to reach the ovum only one fertilized the egg and in this case the winning one was YOU. 

Have you ever thought of this? You won in a race without eyes,leg, education and without help and you won.
What makes you think you will loose now that you have both eyes and legs, certificate, plan, a dream and a vision. 

Beloved, you didn't give up on day one, you can't give up now, giving up now is an insult to your creator. 

It doesn't matter what you see now take it as a challenge, always remember that you won from the womb.

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