Amazing! Crippled girl who overlooked her physical disability to dance and sing praises to God gifted with a wheel chair by well meaning Nigerians...(video)

Victoria Baiye shared the good news and this amazing video of a crippled girl who did not allow her physical disability stop her from dancing and singing praises unto God. And she has such an angelic voice. If all your body parts are complete and you are not serving God, what excuse could you possibly have?

See more photos and listen to her angel voice in video below;

According to Victoria;
"In response to a video we posted in 2014 of Molade, a crippled young lady, leading praise/worship with a very beautiful voice, many people wanted to buy her a wheelchair. A brother in UK (who wants to remain anonymous) beat everyone else to it. Big thanks to our brother and to everyone else who reached out to Molade one way or the other. She is very happy and thankful. The Lord knows you all and will reward you bountifully. 
Molade is still growing strong in the Lord and worshipping Him with great zeal and joy. She's still blessing God and His people with the beautiful voice He gave to her. During the mission trip to Nigeria last year we were not able to go to Idabata Village in Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State where the mission field Molade worships at is located. But we were privileged to go there again for a revival meeting this year and were greatly blessed as Molade led us in praise/worship with her anointed voice. 
This video clip shows a small part of the praise/worship on one of the two days we were there.If all your body parts are complete and you are not serving God, what excuse could you possibly have?''

Watch the video below;

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