Celebrity On Air Personality, OAP, Toke Makinwa reveals how her husband nearly ruined her life by infecting her with sexually transmitted infection

Toke Makinwa, has revealed how her former husband nearly ruined her life by infecting her with sexually transmitted infection.
Makinwa whose marriage hit the rocks after her husband, Maje Amaju Ayida impregnated his longtime girlfriend, Anita Solomon, disclosed that the main reason she divorced her husband was because of his cheating ways. 
She revealed in her book 'On Becoming' that after contracting the STI, she had serious itching sensation on her private part. She also revealed that she made a sex tape with her former husband.
“He had given me an STI in the past. He’d returned from a trip once and we had sex, and a few days later, I was itching.
“I went to the doctors and they prescribed medication, but when I asked Maje about the infection, he denied knowing anything about it.

“I went through his phone and saw a conversation with Anita where she complained that she had been itching.

“This wasn’t news to Maje, more like an update that she was giving him on a situation that he already knew about.
“He asked her what the doctor’s report said and what was prescribed.

“I knew I would be putting myself at risk if I closed my eyes to whatever he chose to do on the side. So I went back to putting all my attention into my work.” she wrote.

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