Do you know this little boy? He was pictured studying his book while selling yam in the market...Someone has offered to train him up to PHD (photos)

This is believed to be a Nigerian market but the location is still unknown. The little boy is captured engrossed in his books while he was out in the dark selling yam for his parents. A facebook user just revealed that someone has offered to sponsor the boy in school, university up to PHD. Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley shared the pic on his page and wrote; 

“ATTENTION!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone saw this post and this picture and asked if I know the young boy. He is ready to take care of the boy up till PHD level and beyond.
Please please please; can we get the location of this boy????????? Thanks all and God bless you all.
#Still on Jesus is Lord.”

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