Donald Trump Set To Give Daughter, Ivanka a Major U.S Presidential Appointment ...See New Details (Photos)

A report which has emerged online suggests that American president-elect, Donald Trump, may appoint his daughter, Ivanka Trump, as a U.S ambassador to Japan after photos of Trump and his daughter in a landmark first-talks meeting with a foreign leader, was obtained by the media.
According to an exclusive report by AFP, in the meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, which was held at the mogul’s Trump Plaza residence, Ivanka, who is a model-turned-business executive, was seen seated as the group conversed in the opulent reception room.
Images released by the Japanese government, showed Ivanka and her husband, real estate developer and publisher, Jared Kushner, standing and chatting with Abe.


Speaking with correspondents after the high profile meeting, Prime Minister Abe disclosed afterwards that the encounter convinced him the US president-elect was someone “in whom I can have great confidence”.
“We were able to have a very candid talk over a substantial amount of time. We held it in a very warm atmosphere. Without confidence between the two nations, our alliance would never function in the future,” he said.
The presence of Ivanka in the meeting in a black-and-white dress and high heels, drew attention in protocol-conscious Japan, particularly after the tabloid press reported Trump planned to appoint her as US ambassador to Tokyo.
Also speaking to correspondents, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a professor at the University of Niigata Prefecture, said:“It’s quite unusual to see a family member attending the first encounter between two leaders even if it’s informal.

“It indicates that she would be playing some important role in the Trump administration. But it’s no surprise to see her there as she has already been involved in politics. Anyway, that’s the Trump way.”
Shortly after the meeting, a Tokyo Sports newspaper carried an article headlined “Trump daughter-blonde beauty Ms Ivanka the next ambassador to Japan!?” on its website last Saturday.
The publication cited unidentified overseas media as having reported before the vote that Trump had secret plans to appoint her ambassador, replacing current envoy Caroline Kennedy who is the daughter of assassinated US president John F. Kennedy.
“I don’t think the possibility that Ivanka would be an ambassador to Japan is zero, but it’s too early to say,” said Yamamoto.
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