US President-Elect, Donald Trump Stuns Diners After Walking Into Restaurant for Dinner at Night With Family (Video)

The next president of America, Donald Trump gave the press the slip last night and sneaked out to enjoy dinner in the Big Apple, New York.

According to The Sun UK, the billionaire President-elect was spotted inside the swanky 21 Club — just an hour after his spokeswoman told the media he was off for an early night.
Incredible footage from the meal saw Trump promising to lower taxes for well-heeled diners in the Manhattan joint — where a steak can set you back nearly £55. 

Mr Trump came to have dinner with his family
While the dinner choice left the media mad, ecstatic diners inside the former speakeasy were ecstatic.
“There was a standing ovation when he came and left,” said Andrew Testo, a 43-year-old who was eating with friends. “He was with his whole family.
"It was like Sunday dinner with the Trumps, but on a Tuesday. It was awesome.”
The businessman was accompanied by his children during the meal, though it was unclear what he ate exactly.
Trump's security was at alert outside the restaurant
His bodyguards had him back at Trump Tower by 9:41 p.m.
The dinner comes after some reporters criticised Trump for breaking with tradition and not informing the press of his moves.
The 70-year-old is in the midst of naming his cabinet before he moves into the Oval Office in January.
He scored a shock victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the US Election last week, taking enough Electoral Colleges despite losing the popular vote.
Watch the video below:

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