Man Who Tried to Grab Policeman's Gun to Shoot US President-Elect Donald Trump Deported To His Country

Michael Sanford, a 20-year-old British man has been jailed for one year.
The young man was sent to jail for trying to grab a police officer’s gun in an alleged bid to shoot Donald Trump. 
According to Metro UK, Sanford was sentenced at a Las Vegas court following the incident at a rally in June.
The autism sufferer was charged with being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.
He allegedly told officers after his arrest that his plan was to shoot the US President-elect.
The defendant, of Dorking, Surrey, had been living in the United States for around 18 months and was said to have been planning the attempt for a year, according to court documents.
His mother, Lynee, had told reporters that she feared that the president-elect may use his position to ‘make an example’ of her son.
Ms Sandford, whose daughter Jessica was clutching a tiger toy in court, addressed the judge before he delivered his sentence.
‘(Michael) means everything to me,’ she said. ‘He made a very bad mistake, a huge error of judgment. It breaks my heart to see him in this environment.
‘So many people back in England know this is not Michael. Everyone knows he’s a good person at heart. He needs to get psychiatric help back at home. He’s very remorseful for what he did.’
Sandford’s lawyers say he will now serve around four months, having been detained since June, before he is deported back to the UK.
Sandford , whose legs were shaking as he stood in the courtroom, was arrested at Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas where Mr Trump was addressing 1,500 supporters on June 18.
During a police interview, when asked why he attempted to grab the weapon, Sandford replied: ‘To shoot and kill Donald Trump,’ court records show.
He had driven to Las Vegas from Californa on June 16, and went to a shooting range the next day, where he said he learnt how to use a gun for the first time.
Sandford told investigators he expected to die in the attempt on June 18, according to court documents.

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