A Kind Lady Set Up A Fund Raising To Help Get Justice For The 70-Year-Old Widow Who Was Disgraced And Banished From Her Community For Having Sex

What type of barbaric culture will make the people loss their conscience. A 70-year old widow was disgraced and paraded around town for having sex with a 30-year old man, a consenting adult. These are the same set of people who will turn the other way or agree to settle quietly when babies/girl child are raped by old men and young men. 

Facebook User, Nkechi Bianze after reading the pathetic story is set to help the widow to get the justice she deserved. She is appealing to everyone who can support the fund raising. In her words, she said:

"Dear friends, PLEASE donate the little you can, then SHARE ON YOUR WALLS, PAGES AND ON YOUR GROUPS, both on Facebook and on any other platform, so that your friends can see, and do their bits too.
We need to help this woman.
I spoke to a lawyer yesterday, and she's already working on it. But we need money, and we are all going to do this for her.
This is a chance to show our humanity.
This is another chance to show that we care.
Please DONATE AND SHARE on your walls.
Contact me inbox if you live outside Nigeria, UK or Canada, and you need another payment option.
Please guys, I do NOT need any pessimistic comment on this post. I'm begging you in the name of whatever you believe in.
Thanks as you donate to this cause.
We are looking at raising at least N1million."

Please donate to: Account name: Blessing Mary Ocheido, Account number: 3079954924, Bank Name; First bank Nigeria.

*In Canada email your donation to :, also email questions and answers to

*In UK, NATWEST Bank, Account Name: N C Bianze, Account number: 31637957, Sort Code: 54-30-01.

 Any amount is not too small. Thank you as you help restore dignity and justice to this poor woman. 

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