An Open Letter To Wicked Mother In Laws

There are good mother in laws, such women are priceless and precious. If you have a good mother in law please appreciate and cherish her because so many others are terrors (monster in laws) to their daughter in laws. 

With the recent trend in MIL/DIL relationship review on social media, majority of women narrates their ugly experience in the hands of their mother in laws, prompting a facebook user Agudo Ogechi to write an open letter to all bad mother in laws who are interfering in their son's marriage and hating on their daughter in laws. 

Read below:


Vicious Mother In laws Please take note!The home is a woman's territory, and two adult women cannot run the same house. You have ran yours, your daughter in law will run hers whether you like it or not.

Stop telling your daughter inlaw that she must go back to her father's house because you need to first of all go back to your own father's house because I believe in accounting principle of first in first out. You came first so please leave first...

Stop calling your daughters inlaws witch and monster because it takes only a witch to identify another witch, I seriously think that you may actual be a confirmed witch and a monster....

Stop encouraging your son to beat up your daughter in laws. Stop encouraging the maltreatment on your son's wife.  Stop encouraging your daughter inlaws to sleep with your sons for peace to reign.. You must be a retired prostitute to think about such devilish thought. And listen, "nwunye ayii" (our wife) does not mean that your daughter inlaw is a public wife.

Stop arranging side girlfriend for your son whenever he visits you. Stop bringing those small small girls in the house to serve him and stop telling your son that its okay for a man to cheat once in a while.

Stop saying over your dead body will your son continue to marry your daughter in law because if your daughter in laws says AMEN to your prayer, you will be a dead person.

Stop running from one juju house/pastor house to the other. Your daughter inlaw is not your problem, your son is struggling and there is recession. Use the money you are given to take care of yourself, stop giving it to native doctors/pastors.

This is the much evil I know you vicious mother in laws do. Good night, I will continue my letter to you tomorrow. May you not be used as an instrument to destroy you, amen....

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