How Pastor Nearly Killed 7Months Pregnant Woman: What Happened To The Unborn Baby Will Shock You

Vivian was admitted into the hospital where my sister delivered a baby boy few hours ago. She was 7 months pregnant and was involved in a car accident. Her unborn baby was in distress and the team of doctors recommended emergency cesarean section to save her baby.

What happened next was shocking, Vivian called her pastor who advised her against cesarean section reassuring her that God ordained that she would deliver her baby without CS. This woman taped into her pastor's faith and rebuffed the doctors' recommendation. Explaining to Vivian the fatal dangers involved in pushing a baby with a ruptured womb didn't make her bulge from her decision. 

I overheard one of the female doctors begging her to let the doctors save the baby, but her faith was strong. Vivian replied "I must deliver like the women of Hebrew, I reject CS and my God rejects it with me". 

She was losing so much blood because of her ruptured womb at the same time her pastor was on the phone praying for her to deliver without CS. I found that so ridiculous and heart breaking. 

Shortly after that, to my greatest surprise, this pastor stormed the hospital with a team of prayer warriors and they enveloped the whole hospital in radical prayers. It sounded like the roof of the hospital would come down with their voices.

I watched the female doctor pacing up and down with worry. She passed a male nurse in the hallway and lamented that she wanted to save the baby. There was no time left because the heartbeat of the unborn child was so faint. I held my breath. 

The prayers ended abruptly after an hour and some minutes because something strange was happening to Vivian. She was drifting in and out of unconsciousness. Vivian told the doctors that she was becoming so weak. That was when she realized that her life was ebbing away and at that point she began to plead with the doctors to perform the cesarean section on her. She was not ready to die yet. 

They wheeled Vivian into the theater, but it was too late for her unborn child. Vivian survived but her baby died few minutes before the surgery. The female doctor was so emotional, she told the pastor to come and carry the dead baby because he killed her.

Vivian ended up taking four pints of blood transfusion. It was an unfortunate situation. That beautiful baby girl would have survived with the help of an incubator.

I watched her go through the afterbirth pain - I felt so sorry and angry at same time. How could she do this to herself and her baby. Why must she listen to her pastor who has no medical training? Why did she allow a pastor to decide if her baby lives or not? It's all so crazy.

Christian women should know that delivering a baby like the women of Hebrew as cited in the bible means having a successful delivery. Hebrew like birth can be a cesarean section or vaginal birth. The most important thing is that the mother and new baby are fine and out of danger. 

Pastors are no doctors to give medical advice. It is the same God who is healing people in the hospitals through the doctors. 

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