Survivors: Women Shares Mastectomy Scars Photos To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Women who were diagnosed with breast cancer shared their photos revealing their mastectomy scars to the world. The photographs show that, despite what they’ve been through, these women are empowered. They are strong, happy and sexy.”
The photo series has been released to mark the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which started on 1 October
See more photos below:

“Some women I know both personally and professionally have struggled with their body image following breast cancer surgery and treatment. I wanted to show that women can still celebrate their bodies after cancer.”

 “This project shows women that the world doesn’t end because you have to have a breast removed (or both) - that life can go on.”

 “I feel so proud of the pictures. If I manage to save just one life having taken part, then I’ve achieved something.”

 “I wanted to get involved to help raise awareness of breast cancer and to show that choosing to live flat is a positive choice.”

 She said: “I’m so proud to be part of this project. Stand Up To Cancer is all about sticking two fingers up at cancer and I think Ami’s captured that beautifully.

“I wanted to be involved partly because, when it comes to new experiences, the word ‘no’ is no longer in my vocabulary. Since having cancer I want to embrace every opportunity that comes my way and really live life to the max. But I also want to demystify mastectomy scars. I’m still a woman and I wanted to show that breasts do not define my sexuality or gender. I’m still me despite having a part of my body missing.”

 “I think we all want to feel useful and, whilst going through cancer was horrific for me and those closest to me, it feels so good when you’re given the opportunity to do something positive with that experience.”

 “I never wore my prosthetics as they never felt right to me. I was on holiday with my family when I saw the photos for the first time. It was profoundly emotional. I’d been very worried that I wouldn’t like the images - I rarely like photos of myself. On the contrary, I loved Ami’s photos. For the first time since treatment, I felt feminine and attractive. Before I saw the images, I had been struggling to put on my swimming costume. However, the images gave me the boost I needed to see myself in a more positive light. Much to the delight of the children, I was able to go swimming with them for the rest of the holiday.”

 “By sharing my photos publicly I hope that awareness of breast cancer is raised and that no matter what scarring there is, we’re still beautiful women. I felt empowered and thought to myself, ‘this is not something to be afraid or ashamed of but something to celebrate!’”

 “I want to show those women who are going through their cancer journey that it is doable, not easy, but with time and acceptance you can get through it. We are still sexy and beautiful. It’s also something I had wanted to have done, a picture to celebrate my journey and have a reminder as to how strong I proved myself to be.”

“I want other women to know that having reconstruction is not the only option and I love the freedom of being flat.”

Stand Up To Cancer’s campaign will be fundraising throughout October. So far, it has funded research trials into developing drugs to stop cancer cells ‘shape-shifting’ and spreading, using a simple blood test to uncover individual cancer’s weaknesses and target treatments, testing a new type of drug to see if it can stop breast cancer from coming back, and using Artificial Intelligence to analyse how advanced a cancer is.

If you or someone close to you has been affected by cancer and you’ve got questions, you can call Cancer Research UK’s nurses for free on 0808 800 4040, open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

If you are in Nigeria please visit Optimal Cancer Care Foundation at No. 118 Bode Thomas St, Surulere, Lagos. They also offer free cancer screening every friday.
Hours: Opens everyday  9AM–5PM
Phone: 0808 107 6646

Photo credit: AMI BARWELL
Source: Huffinton post

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