The Unexpected Shock of Learning My Husband Has Epilepsy


A lady narrates narrates how she found out that her husband was epileptic after their wedding. Read her story below:

I married a man who is an epileptic without my knowledge. We dated for six months and he successfully hid this away from me.

There was no single sign or clue. He never had an attack in my presence during our courtship, I don't know how he did it.

I never saw any of his medications as well. I was so shocked and very scared when he got a seizure after a month of our marriage in our house. 

We were talking and suddenly he fell on the floor shaking and foaming from his mouth. We were both alone and I ran out of the house to shout for help from his neighbours. 

Later after he recovered himself he was angry at me for calling the neighbours and embarrassing him. Please who is supposed to be angry between both of us??

Even his entire family knew his health condition and nobody said a word to me. I don't want to go ahead with this marriage because I don't think I can live with this deception. 

I also don't want to have children that will inherit this disease. I want to know if this is enough grounds for a divorce. Our church (Catholic) is saying we can't divorce because the marriage has been consummated but I don't want to believe such hogwash.

Copied from  Facebook - Amarachi Iyawo Emeka.

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