Warning Signs to Look Out For: Early Signs of a Potentially Abusive Relationship


There are early signs that your relationship could turn violent. Relationships most times starts off very happy and fulfilling making it very difficult to pick up these red signals because of emotions like the feeling of love.  However, there are signs to look out for that can predict if a relationship will later turn violent, such as:

Early signs that your relationship could turn violent is listed below:

When he doesn’t show strong disapproval when he hears about other men abusing women or their wives. He doesn’t see anything wrong with such abuse.

When he defends an abusive man and blames the female victim for probably causing the abuse.

When he doesn’t respect you. When I get upset, my ex pays no attention, rather he finds it amusing that I was upset. This is a big sign of disrespect.  

When you he ignores your request to help with things that matter to you.

When he belittles you in front of his family members

When he has no regard or respect for your family members

When a little issue is escalated to the hills, and you found yourself apologizing for nothing

When he blames you for his shortcomings and misbehaviours

When he corrects you in public

When he talks down on you either in private or in front of people

When he talks down privately on everyone around him except himself

When he is too controlling and demands explanations from you. That is not love

When your family didn’t like him, please understand why it is so, that may save you lots of heartache in future

When he implies that you are bringing downfalls and misfortune to him

When he breaks plates or destroy things during an argument

When he controls how you look and what you wear.

When he monitors your movement and extreme cases will take your old sim card and give you a new sim card

When he is too good to people outside more than he is good to you.

These early signs of abuse may happen soon after the start of the relationship and might be hard to notice at first.

After the relationship becomes more serious mostly after marriages, the abuse may get worse, such as:

The abuser may begin making threats, calling the other person names, and slamming doors or breaking more dishes. This is a form of emotional abuse that is sometimes used to make the person feel bad or weak.

Physical abuse that starts with a slap might lead to kicking, shoving, and choking over time.

As a way to control the person, the abuser may make violent threats against the person’s children, other family members, or pets and also insult the other person’s parents and relations.

Abusers may also control or stop giving money to make the person feel weak and dependent. This is called financial abuse.

Domestic violence also includes sexual abuse, such as forcing a person to have sex against her will.

Watch out for these early signs, it might be your saving grace.

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